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Job announcement: Scientist in the stable isotope laboratory (50%)

in case you are interested, please visit this web page for more details:

Job announcement
PhD position in the area of bat-wind energy conflict, focussing on the question how wind turbines in forests affect assemblages of forest bats.
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Article on the migration of bats in Europe (in German)
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Pressemitteilung: Fledermäuse auf dem Durchzug: Die Herbstmirgation der Fledermäuse hat begonnen
IZW PM Durchflug (1).pdf
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Gefährlicher Flug in den Windpark
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Dangerous flight into the wind park
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Bats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of Bats in a Changing World

Our book is now published online at the below address. You may download it for free.

This book focuses on central themes related to the conservation of bats. It details their response to land-use change and management practices, intensified urbanization and roost disturbance and loss. Increasing interactions between humans and bats as a result of hunting, disease relationships, occupation of human dwellings, and conflict over fruit crops are explored in depth. Finally, contributors highlight the roles that taxonomy, conservation networks and conservation psychology have to play in conserving this imperilled but vital taxon.


With over 1300 species, bats are the second largest order of mammals, yet as the Anthropocene dawns, bat populations around the world are in decline. Greater understanding of the anthropogenic drivers of this decline and exploration of possible mitigation measures are urgently needed if we are to retain global bat diversity in the coming decades. This book brings together teams of international experts to provide a global review of current understanding and recommend directions for future research and mitigation.

Bats fertilize their roost trees
Press release from 10-6-2015
fertilizing bats.pdf
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Fledermäuse düngen ihre Quartierbäume
Pressemitteilung: 10-6-2015
düngende Fledermäuse.pdf
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PhD position: Movement ecology of temperate zone bats

PhD position available in the Potsdam graduate school BIOMOVE
A 3 year position is available in my group (as part of the upcoming BIOMOVE graduate school in Potsdam) to study the movement ecology of Noctule bats using miniaturized GPS units.
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PhD position: Fungal infections and eco-immunology of temperate zone bats

PhD position available to study hibernation immunology
A 3 year position is available in my group (as part of a collaboration with Dr. Czirjak from the IZW) to study the hibernation immunology of Myotis bats
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Doktorandenstelle Winterschlafimmunologie
In meiner Arbeitsgruppe ist eine 3 Jahres-Doktorandenstelle zum Thema Winterschlafimmunologie bei Myotis zu vergeben.
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Master student position

Topic: The energetics of echolocation in flying bats

11.2.2015 Bats and wind turbines: German politics in conflict with international conservation goals

Press release: German politics collide with migratory bats
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Pressemitteilung: Deutsche Energiepolitik kollidiert mit migrierenden Fledermäusen
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New master thesis projects announced

Master thesis: Bats and light pollution
Masterarbeit 28_2014 Voigt.pdf
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Master thesis: Energetics of bat migration
Masterarbeit 29_2014 Voigt.pdf
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27.8.2014: Press release: conflict between cheetahs and humans studied by stable isotopes

Pressemitteilung: Mensch-Gepard Konflikt
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Press release: Human-cheetah conflict
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17.8.2014: A call for collaboration: Please check for banded bats from Latvia

Aufruf an deutsche Fledermausforscher und -biologen
Aufruf_an_Fledermausforscher (2).pdf
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Call to french-speaking bat researchers and biologists
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14th August 2014: NEWS: Bats from near and far are killed at German wind turbines --> Read the press release and the accompanying paper 

Deutsche Windkraftanlagen töten Fledermäuse von nah und fern
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German wind turbines kill bats from near and far
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16.6.2014: Field assistants for Sabah needed

call for field assistants
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1st call for 4th IBBM: Movement ecology of bats

1st call IBBM
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Preliminary program
preliminary programm_4thIBBM.pdf
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6.5.2014: Two master theses announced (in German)

Light pollution and habitat preference in hedgehoges
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5.3.2014: Field assistants needed (Malaysia, Bulgaria, Latvia)

field assistants needed for studying European migratory bats
starting date: 10th of August 2014, for 3 weeks; see details in announcement
AdField assistent Latvia.pdf
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field assistant needed for studying oxidative stress in European bats
starting date: ca. 1st of July 2014, for 3 weeks, see details in announcement.
AdField assistent Bulgaria.pdf
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field assistants needed for studying chronic stress in paleotropical bats
starting date: June 2014, for 3 months, see details in announcement.
AdField assistent Sabah.pdf
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Press release on artificial light and tropical bats

Press release 13 March 2014: Artificial light puts the ecosystem services of tropical, fruit-eating bats at risk
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Pressemitteilung 13. März 2014: Künstliches Licht gefährdet die ökosystemaren Dienstleistungen von Frucht fressenden Fledermäusen in den Tropen
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Press release on importance of artifical hibernacula for tree-dwelling bats

Pressemitteilung: Einheimische und Migranten hängen gemeinsam ab
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Press release: Scientists concerned about Yasuni
SCY 2013 Press Release.pdf
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Official document submitted to the Ecuadorian parliament
SCY 2013 Ecuador Congress.pdf
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21.9.2013 Berlin, Germany: Third prize for group member Daniel Lewanzik for his poster presentation "Artificial lights reduces seed dispersal by Neotropical bats" during the International Conference on the Behaviour, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife. 

Press release: How oryx antelopes survive in the hot Namib desert
PM_2013_08_IZW_Oryx gemsbok.pdf
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Wie überleben Oryxantilopen in der heißen Namibwüste
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Check out the media coverage about one of our study sites in Ecuador (Tiputini Biodiversity station) 


Job offer: Technical assistant (50%) in the stable isotope laboratory
08_13_Technische Assistentin_Stabilisoto
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5.4.2013 Wien, Austria, Third prize for group member Karin Schneeberger for her poster presentation "Effect of sex and age on the immune system of neotropical bats" during the GTÖ-conference 2013

3.4.2013 The Royal Society has listed our article:

Bairlein, F., Norris, D.R., Nagel, R., Bulte, M, Voigt, C.C., Fox, J.W., Jussel, D., Schmaljohann, H. (2012) Cross-hemisphere migration of a 25-gram songbird. Biology Letters 8: 505-507.

as one of the top 10 most downloaded and cited articles for 2012

Job offer: PhD postition to work on palaeotropical bats

Open PhD position: Virus ecology of bats
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Group member Karin Schneeberger won a poster prize for her presentation of 'Eco-immunology of Bats' during this year's conference of the German Zoological Society in Konstanz. Congratulations!

Former group member Dr. Barbara Caspers has been awarded the prestigious Niko-Tinbergen Award of the ethological society. Check out her web page at:

Press release (2.7.2012): The catchment area of bats killed at windfarms
wind farms kill bats.pdf
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Pressemitteilung (2.7.2012): Der Einzugsbereich von Windkraftanlagen für Fledermaus-Schlagopfer
Fledermäue und Windräder.pdf
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press release: Bats fill mixed fuel (20.6.2012)
Pressrelease200612_Bats fill mixed fuel.
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Pressemitteilung Fledermäuse tanken gemischten Treibstoff (20.6.2012)
PM_200612_Fledermäuse tanken gemischten
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Job announcement (PhD position)
PhD_position _migratory_bats 2012.pdf
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Stellenausschreibung Doktorarbeit
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It is with uttermost sadness and despair that we learned about the untimely death of PD Dr. Björn Siemers. Björn was a worldwide leading expert on the sensory ecology of bats, a highly respected colleague and a dear friend to us. Our thoughts are with his family and his group at the Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology in Seewiesen.

Björn, your inspiration and your vision will always accompany us, but we miss you desparately. Thank you for the time we were able to spend with you.


Christian Voigt


PS: We will honour Björn with a special symposium on 'Sensory Ecology of Bats' during the European Conference on Behavioural Biology in July in Essen, Germany (

Press release from 16. May 2012:
Bats: A good immune system ensures success in reproduction
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Pressemitteilung vom 16.5.2012:
Fledermäuse: Gutes Immunsystem sichert Erfolg bei der Fortpflanzung
PM IZW_Kleine_Hasenfledermaus_PLoS_ONE_d
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April 2012 We launched the first call for the 3rd International Berlin Bat Conference: Bats in the Anthropocene (1.-3.3.2013, Berlin, Germany). Download the call here:

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30.3.2012 The Royal Publishing Society has listed our article. 

Voigt, C.C., Schneeberger, K., Voigt-Heucke, S.L., Lewanzik, D. (2011) Rain increases the energy cost of bat flight. Biology Letters 7: 793-795.

as one of the top 10 most downloaded articles for 2011

25.2.2012 Erlangen, Germany

First prize for group member Karin Schneeberger for her oral presentation "Eco-immunology of mammals" during the GTÖ-conference 2012

Second prize for group member Daniel Lewanzik for his poster presentation "Rain increases the energy costs of bat flight" during the GTÖ-conference 2012

Job announcement (deadline: 3.2.2012)
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Press release from 22.11.2011
A big bite brings big success_22Nov11.pd
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Pressemitteilung vom 22.11.2011
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Pressemitteilung vom 4. Mai 2011
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Pressemitteilung vom 14. April 2011
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The article "Wibbelt, G., Moore, M., Schountz, T. Voigt, C.C. (2010) Emerging diseases in Chiroptera: Why bats? Biology Letters 6: 438-440." has been listed as the second most downloaded article in Biology Letters for 2010

Pressemitteilung vom 18. October 2010
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Pressemitteilung vom 25. May 2010
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Pressemitteilung vom 3. March 2010
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Pressemitteilung vom 7. May 2009
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