Welcome to the web page of The Bat Lab

The 4th International Berlin Bat Meeting is over :-(

Thank you for coming to the 4th IBBM, for presenting your exciting research and for making this conference such a big success. It's been a pleasure to organize this meeting.

The International Berlin Bat Meeting would not be possible without the help of the 'extended' batlab team. We owe you a lot, guys.

We would like to announce this year's winners for best oral and best poster presentations. 

T.H. Kunz award for best oral presentation: David Shohami 

2nd best oral presentation: Daniel Lewanzik

3rd best oral presentation: Kristin Jonasson

Chimaries award for best poster presentation: Michael Schöner

2nd best poster presentation: Caroline Schöner

3rd best poster presentation: Jinhong Luo

The 'rising star' price of the scientific committee was awarded to Michael Abedy-Lartey.


Thanks again for coming and hope to see you back for the next International Berlin Bat Meeting, 

Christian Voigt & Stephanie Kramer-Schadt