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Scientific symposium on light pollution and bats

When: 23.11.2016

Where: Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Resesarch in Berlin, Germany (www.leibniz-izw.de)

Costs: 10 Euro admission for the one-day event (incl. coffeebreaks,free access to the lectures; lunch not included)


During this one-day public event, we will review the current understanding of how artifiicial light affects bats. Bats are legally protected in the E.U., yet they are highly susceptible towards artificial light because of their nocturnal lifestyle. During the symposium, some of the key experts in the E.U. will summarize their findings, particularly in relation to management recommendations. The one-day event will be followed by a 2-day workshop which is restricted to EUROBATS intersessional working group members.


Please contact Dr. Christian Voigt at eurobats@izw-berlin.de for information.


In case you are not an EUROBATS IWG member and would like to attend the one-day symposium, please fill out the attached form below and send it eurobats@izw-berlin.de 

Program of the scientific symposium and follow-up workshop
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Registration form to be sent to eurobats@izw-berlin.de before 4th of November 2016
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5th International Berlin Bat Meeting

We wish to extend a cordial invitation to all colleagues and friends who ask the same question as we do: Are bats special? We already know that they are unique among mammals with respect to flight. Their echolocation calls are outstanding. Longevity of bats is higher than in most other similar-sized mammals. Bat immunology seems to be well adapted towards the fight against virulent pathogens. There are many things to be listed here. But why do bats seem to be special? Are they indeed special?


Join the 5th International Berlin Bat Meeting in February 2017.


The upcoming conference will ...


--> present the newest findings related to flight, echolocation, immunology, heterothermy, longevity, diversity and conservation of bats,

--> relate these disciplines to each other and

--> try to find an answer to the question: Are bats special?





or directly: http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/bat2017/ 


Please find more information on the left sidebar. We are looking forward to meeting you in February 2017 in Berlin,


Christian Voigt & Gabor Czirjak

2nd call 5th IBBM 2017
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Call: 2nd International Summer School on Stable Isotopes in Animal Ecology
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