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6th International Berlin Bat Meeting: The Human Perspective on Bats


Where: Berlin - Langenbeck-Virchow facility in downtown Berlin

When: postponed to 24.-26. March 2021 due to the Covid 19 pandemic 

4th International Summer School on Stable Isotopes in Animal Ecology

When: 14.-18.9.2020

Where: Berlin, Germany

Costs: 290 Euro

Registration: http://www.izw-berlin.de/summer-school-istopes-1467.html


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This e-book will be published in August/September 2020. It is a compliation of concept, review and original articles about the bat-wind energy conflict; a pressing green-green dilemma that is yet unsolved. Articles are in German, yet the summary and figure legends are bilingual (both German and English). All articles were rigorously evaluated in a peer-review system.