Publications in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters

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List of publications
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175. Seltmann, A., Corman, V., Drosten, C., Czirjak, G.,A., Bernard, J., Struebig, M.,

        Voigt, C.C. (2017) Seasonal fluctuations of Astrovirus, but not Coronavirus, schedding in

        bats inhabiting human-modified tropical forests. Ecohealth. accepted


174. Seltmann, A., Czirjak, G., Struebig, M., Courtiol, A., Bernard, H., Voigt, C.C. (2017) Habitat disturbance results in chronic stress and impaired health status in forest-dwelling paleotropical bats. Conservation Physiology. accepted


173. May, R., ... , Voigt, C.C., et al. (2016) Future research directions to reconcile wind turbine-wildlife interactions. Proceedings of the Conference on Wind energy and wildlife conflicts. accepted.