Publications in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters

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291. Heim, O., Chavez, F., Courtiol, A., Paul, F., Voigt, C.C. (2024) Guild-specific response of bats to motion-triggered LED lighting of bicylce trails. Conservation Science and Practice. accepted.


291. Voigt, C.C., Bernard, E., Duran, A.D., Frick, W., Huang, J.C.C., Kerbiriou, C., Mathews, F., MacEwan, K., Scholz, C., Webala, P., Welbergen, J., Whitby, M. (2024) Towards solving the green-green dilemma between bat conservation and wind energy production. Bioscience. accepted.


290. Ellerbrok, E., Farwig, N., Peter, F., Voigt, C.C. (2024) Forest bat activity declines with increasing wind speed in the proximity of operating wind turbines. Global Ecology and Conservation. 49: e02782.