Publications in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters

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206. Lindecke, O., Elksne, A., Holland, R.A., Petersons, G., Voigt, C.C. (2019) Orientation and

     flight behaviour identify the Soprano pipistrelle as a mirgatory species at the Baltic Sea coast.

     Journal of Zoology. accepted.


205. Voigt, C.C.Bumrungsri, S., Roeleke, M. (2019) Rapid descent flight by a molossid bat

     (Chaerephon plicatus) returning to its cave. Mammal Biology. accepted.


204. Fritze, M., Lehnert, L.S., Heim, O., Lindecke, O., Roeleke, M., Voigt, C.C. (2019)

     Fledermausschutz im Schatten der Windkraftanlagen - Deutschlands Experten vermissen 

     Transparenz und bundesweite Standards in den Genehmigungsverfahren (Bat conservation

     in the shadow of wind turbines - Germany's experts miss transparency and nationwide

     standards in the approval procedures). Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege. accepted.


203. Ruadreo, N., Voigt, C.C.Bumrungsri, S. (2019) Large dietary niche overlap of sympatric

     open-space foraging bats revealed by carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes. Acta

     Chiropterologica. accepted.